Park Colonial Condo at Woodleigh

Park Colonial Condo at Woodleigh

Lots of other bidders set their eyes on the location of Park Colonial KSH Holdings Limited located close to the Woodleigh MRT station but CEL Unique Development was able to conquer some other bidders. During the 1H 2017, the Government Land Sales program introduced to the public that around 735 units will be created on the land. There were 15 bids for the Park Colonial Condo plot due to the MRT station beside it, but other bidders have also been wanting to win over the other plots around the area. There were well-known bidders like Keppel Land and City Development Limited (CDL) bidding for the prime location, too. Park Colonial Condo location will be one of the main factors to attract home buyers to this property project.

There are fantastic amenities planned to be made in the Park Colonial Chip Eng Seng Corp Park Colonial Condo that no one can find in other areas. The planned amenities Park Colonial will have is an indoor gym, guard house, tennis court, clubhouse, and 50m swimming room, function room, children’s recreation space and also BBQ pits. The plan would be to provide difference fun actions that each member of the family can perform. Even if you live in the center of Woodleigh, Park Colonial provides you a secure as well as serene living. The park in front of Woodleigh and also the distance to the MRT Station makes this location so special.

Park Colonial KSH Holdings Limited has great positioning and this is among the factors as to why the place is very sought. The shopping malls and amenities are within walking distance from the plot of land. For instance, Nex Shopping center at Serangoon MRT station as well as The Venue Shoppers at Potong Pasir MRT station are just a stop away from development. The positioning also makes it simple for connectivity. Visiting Sengkang and Anchorvale Crescent Treasure Crest EC is also one ride away.

The North East Line and the Circle Line in Serangoon MRT station also include Park Colonial Condo as a stop in their route. One of the best route to the Farrer road, Botanic Garden, Harbour Front, Buona and Marina Bay is The Circle Line. In essence, the comprehensive places that are reached by Park Colonial are all potential sites for development. Park Colonial located at the center of Woodleigh proves to be your greatest choice especially if you have a unique life style.

The cost will be your concern when you plan to live in really populated towns. Prices increase when the demand is greater than the supply. When you live in the most expensive city on earth, expect the expensive residential areas. Even though the government has attempted to lessen the cost of living, people would still need to pay a lot. If you want to live in Singapore, you have to be prepared to pay great fees.